Dr Angela I Loulopoulou, PhD CPsychol

Angela is a BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist, an HPC accredited Counselling Psychologist and an EMDR Therapist. Angela offers her services from her private practice which is based within the London Art Therapy Centre, Archway, N19 5JT. The practice is 5 minutes walk from Archway tube station. Her working hours are Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 5pm-9pm. Angela offers her services to adults, children and adolescents, couples and families. She has a valid CRB clearance.

Angela is against labelling a person's behaviour in symptoms but, if labels were to be used, Angela can work therapeutically with anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, bereavement and dysfunctional relationship and family dynamics.

Angela’s interests are in how the system that a person finds her/himself in (e.g. culture, family, work) shapes her/his world and self perception and in how adversity can bring about positive change and new elements in a person's life. She is an advocate of tapping into a person's inner strengths and talents to help the person in gaining fulfilment. Her approach to therapy has been influenced by the philosophy of positive psychology and by the great variety of institutions she has been fortunate to work in. This work has provided her with the experience of providing therapy within a number of therapeutic approaches: person-centred, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, solution-focused, systemic therapy, and art therapy.

Additionally Angela, as an EMDR therapist, can provide the EMDR intervention when several memories or past events can be identified as the onset points of the client’s issues and concerns. EMDR can enable the person to work through these memories in a non-invasive manner and relieve her/him from the weight or strain these memories have put on his/her life, so that the person can proceed without the effect of negative past experiences. It is an effective intervention with long-lasting results.

Angela's therapeutic style has developed into an integration of the approaches mentioned above. This allows for flexibility in therapy Hence interventions are suited to the client's personality and needs.

Angela strives to provide an environment where the clients can feel comfortable to explore their concerns. Through this process clients can hopefully gain insight into their thoughts and feelings and how these determine their behaviour and perception of themselves and the world. With this knowledge, the person can then proceed to changing behaviours that have been unhelpful and can move towards improving her/his life.

Contact Angela at ailcpsychol@gmail.com

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